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Banqer High is the real world financial education experience for secondary school students we’ve all been waiting for

The platform builds financial confidence in young adults by introducing them to and letting them explore financial concepts through an online simulation.

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Students manage their budget, explore career paths, go flatting with friends, and dabble with investing

They will regularly face decisions that have financial impacts, learning the consequences of their choices first hand, in the safe environment of Banqer High.

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Banqer High at Mercury Bay Area School

As early adopters of Banqer High, Mercury Bay Area School are working to ensure that their students are prepared for the financial world ahead.

Banqer High

Mountainview High School: Embedding Financial Literacy into Year 10 Maths

Financial literacy is now classified as an essential literacy within the Mountainview High School’s graduate profile. With the help of Marc’s compulsory Financial Numeracy course and the integration of Banqer High, all students will leave Mountainview High School attaining a minimum level of financial education to set them up for that next step, be it workplace or further study.

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Mountainview High School
Westlake Boys High School
Banqer High

500 Year 10 students learn the consequences of financial decision-making... the fun way

Westlake Boys High School is using Banqer High to expose students to real life financial scenarios and the consequences of their decision-making. Engagement has rocketed as Banqer High has superseded paper-based teaching methods.

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Banqer High

Joy and Financial Literacy in the Same Sentence

Albany Junior High School (AJHS) on Auckland’s North Shore has in the region of 1,200 students in years 7 to 10. Opened in 2005, AJHS was the first purpose-built modern learning environment school.

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Banqer High

Fostering Financial Capability for Life After School

St Andrew’s College is a co-educational independent school in Christchurch, operating from pre-school to Year 13.

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Banqer High

Investing in Financial Literacy and Seeing the Returns

Lincoln High School is a future-focussed, innovative secondary school with approximately 1,400 students. Banqer High provides the backbone of their new Financial Literacy course, delivering the majority of content during the first 10 weeks.

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How it works

Simply sign up, add your students and you’re away. In Banqer High
students drive the learning, you’re in control of the pace your students
progress but it doesn’t require too much teacher contact time.

Enter a whole new world
Enter a whole new world
Enter a whole new world

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